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How to Stay Motivated at Work

Go read all of this post (and then watch the video) from TED. You'll find the seven things you need to keep in mind to stay motivated (and keep people motivated) at work.

The seven things to remember are:

  • Seeing the fruits of your labor
  • If we don't feel appreciated at work, then we will want more money
  • Hard work can make us feel proud to do it
  • Work that helps others can be motivating
  • And, work that helps others can make us follow rules
  • Positive reinforcement increases performance
  • Images that trigger positive emotions help with focus

So, if you're designing a workplace, a compensation structure, or a reward system, use this framework in order to maintain a high level of output. Patrick Lencioni echoes a lot of this in his book, The Advantage, which I think is worth a read for those in leadership or those hoping to create better organizational health.

Just remember: money doesn't always win.