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In This Corner, James Dobson

I continue to get lots of clicks and comments regarding Al Gore and his love for the earth, so I'll stay in that realm for this post.

This morning, there's an article in the Washington Post about moral champion James Dobson. Mr. Dobson is taking issue with the National Association of Evangelicals and it's VP Richard Cizik, for promoting what NAE calls 'creation care.' Mr. Dobson is hot under the collar and probably thinks that taking care of the only earth we've got is akin to devil worship.

The best part of the story is that Dobson leaked the letter to the media before it arrived at NAE headquarters. The moral of the story is that ole Jimmy Dobson likes to be on TV.

I find the letter interesting, given that Dobson's ideal man, President GW Bush, does feel that taking care of the earth is important as well. My friend Rob pointed out in a comment that the President's house is more environmentally friendly than yours and mine, and even Al Gore's (that's twice I've worked him in this post).

So, it seems as though James' corner may now only be limited to his 12 co-signers and another person or two who thinks recycling is stupid and burning tires is fun.

I agree with MMR's comment on one of my recent posts that using the environment as a wedge-issue is harmful to every one on either side. When we simply seek to polarize, we end up only furthering our own opinions and stereotypes to the detriment of things like unity, love, and progress.