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Just Blog

I don't really like to blog about blogging. Mainly because 'blogger' isn't a title I toss out there. And mainly because this blog doesn't consistently rotate around any hub of a common theme. And because unless you're Tiffany Monhollon or Seth Godin, I think you shouldn't really blog about blogging.

So here I go, breaking my own rules. Maybe that'll be Sam's Rule of Blogging Number 1: Don't follow anyone's blogging rules.

Sometimes, bloggers write about why they blog. Maybe they want to vent or shed light on something. Maybe they do so to keep up with family and friends. Maybe they blog with the hopes of landing a big writing deal. But, as Seth Godin says, that shouldn't be the point. And I agree.

You should blog to be found.

I blog because I like to write and think I can provide at least a few decent insights a year. But I also blog to be found - by long lost high school pals, by potential investors, by anyone interested in buying my book or checking out what I do for a living, or anyone who might like me to come and speak.

And if I were a singer/songwriter trying to make it, I'd blog. Or if I were in middle management trying to climb the career ladder, or in the nonprofit world running programs, or a graduate student, or trying to get pregnant, or running my own coffee shop, or starting a neighborhood group. Whatever I am/were doing, I'd blog.

Because chances are, if I'm doing something worth doing, I want others to know about it. I want to be found doing what it is I love so that others can join in.

So I want to show up when someone Googles the right words or when someone's looking for something. I blog to be found.

So that's Rule B in Sam's List: Just blog.

Don't wait for the perfect story. Don't wait until you can be consistent. Don't wait until you can be the first one with a take. Don't wait until you can proofread your post. Don't wait until you can devote hours on end.

In fact, don't wait to post something until you have a nice way to end it. Just stop writing and click 'publish.'