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Just Write It

In today's world of hyper-linked and over-connected everything, you have no excuse as to why someone does not know how you feel or what you think. You know the drill: someone comes to mind, like an old friend, a cousin, or a sister. You think, "I should really call them, write them a letter, send them a text, or Skype."

And you never do.

Stop not doing. Just write.

Is a text as good as a long, handwritten letter? No. But can it make someone's day? Absolutely.

Even yours.

The time it takes to shoot an email from your computer or phone is less time than it'll take for you to reminisce about something and ignore the vulnerable urge to compose and press 'send.'

The next time you're waiting in line or riding the bus, stop playing solitaire and Angry Birds and get to telling people that matter to you how you feel. There is no downside to this exercise.

Just write.

Want to play a fun little game?

Do this to someone today. Send a quick message (email, text, or note) to someone. See how long it took. Leave a comment below so others can see how quick, easy, and meaningful this can be.

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