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Weekly Roundup - 10.28.11

Where I'm headed next: I'm off later today to attend my cousin's wedding in Lynchburg, Virgina. Lucy is my age, we went to college together, and she's someone I have admired for a long time. My cousins grew up in Chile; we'd only see each other every third Christmas. This didn't stop my oldest cousin, Adam, and I from maintaining a close bond (both of us are older brothers to two sisters). It'll be great to have of all us cousins together again. Here's a picture from one of those rare Christmases. I'm rubbing my eye in the second row. That's Lucy next to me. Congrats to Lucy and Jonathan!

Something I've been a part of:

The Youth Entrepreneurship Act is a movement to make it easier for young people to start businesses. Head to their site to show your support and hopefully make it easier than ever to turn young dreams into reality.

Things I found interesting online:

  • Tyler Stanton makes a very compelling case as to why his young children have iPod Touches. My daughter isn't yet two, but loves to "see me" on my iPhone. Looks like a Touch may be in her stocking.
  • Marie McKinney-Oates - whose blog you should definitely read - has a quick post on positive thinking. Her point? It's not a quick solution.
  • Here's a great suggestion from Grace Boyle: when you find your mind wandering, taking you away from what you're working on, blink. It may snap you back into focus, if only for the next nine seconds.
  • I love this advice from Penelope Trunk: Don't look for a career, look for a life.
  • Here is some sound advice from Peter Shankman about how to handle having a bad day. The first tip is the best: don't tweet about your bad day.
  • And the best post of the week is from Nicole, who is one of the most honest bloggers I know. She nails it when she writes:

Being stressed out isn’t impressive. Complaining about how you worked a 15-hour day isn’t impressive. Not being able to take time off isn’t impressive. Obsessively checking your email isn’t impressive. Being all-consumingly attached to your iPhone isn’t impressive. All of those behaviors? NO ONE IS IMPRESSED.