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Leaders experiment

Leaders usually arise because they were willing to try something - to give it a shot when others deemed something impossible, not worth the time, or uninteresting.

To see what I mean, check out my guest post at the CAMPUSPEAK website. Here's a snippet:

Any of us who rise to the ranks of leadership gain experience through experimentation.
A little committee chairmanship here, a philanthropy volunteer stint there, and before we know it, we’re running for student government representative or our sorority’s vice presidency. And all it took was a little taste.
If you’re wondering if now’s the time to start your leadership experiment, consider me your friendly neighborhood leadership junkie, daring you to give it a shot. I’m sure that with one taste, you’ll be hooked.
And now’s the time to start. Here are three ways to experiment with leadership now and next semester so you’ll be poised to lead well when your shot at the top comes.

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