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Leadership Lesson #6: Leaders Experiment

Added on by Sam Davidson.

Leaders are willing to take the calculated risks necessary to achieve something great.

Cures for diseases and new inventions that forever alter the course of history usually only come about through experimentation, some process of research and discovery that results (eventually) in a big breakthrough.

This is what leaders do, too, of course. They're willing to try and try again until they find a method, story, or idea that works to influence and impact others. In short, they're not afraid to try something that doesn't work because that's the only way they'll arrive at something that does.

Experiments aren't haphazard, of course. The ones that work take planning, analysis, a team, and measurement. Try and try again, but make sure your attempts are calculated, guided, and determined.

What leadership tactic will you try next? The very next idea you try could be the one your community has been waiting for.