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Life is Scary

The start of the ride was a bit too loud for her, so she cried as the dinosaur began to fly. She normally loves the wind in her face, but couple it with the jolt and she was one unhappy camper. The look of fear on your one-year-old daughter's face is enough to make any dad want to stand up, locate the ride operator, and beg him to pull the emergency break. But I didn't do that. I kept snapping photos from the front seat while my wife held tightly to my daughter, trying to cheer up her frightened face by demonstrating how much fun it was to ride in a flying dinosaur that was tethered to nine others going in circles above Animal Kingdom.

Eventually, she calmed down, took a glance at all that was whizzing by, and for a moment, enjoyed herself.

Life is scary. It's supposed to be. Going along for the ride makes it bearable and even enjoyable. It's supposed to be.

If life isn't scary, you're not living it right. Admit when you are afraid and sink into the security that family and friends provide. Embrace the scary parts; others will embrace you, too.