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Like I've Been Saying

Here's an excellent article from Daily Kos. It details how growing numbers on young persons (in this case, college students) are interested in nonprofit work, whether volunteering or being employed.

Wisely, the University of Minnesota added a nonprofit management major. Other schools would do well to follow suit to train people to be the civic leaders of both today and tomorrow. The benefits to the school are both intrinsic and quantifiable. If you have a good program (academically) with a good meaning (socially), you'll reap the rewards in publicity and enrollment, and also in satisfaction that comes with making a difference.

So why doesn't Vanderbilt University, located in Nashville, the same city with more nonprofits pr capita than any other, offer such a major?

As the article points out (and I agree), more and more young people will be looking for nonprofit work for a variety of reasons, both personal and professional. To miss this opportunity would be a grave mistake for both universities and a world in dire need of quality, smart, nonprofit leaders and visionaries.