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Lucky and good


While watching a brilliant fourth quarter rally yesterday, the announcer suggested that on most game winning drives, a team has to be good - and a little bit lucky. You've got to make accurate passes and call the right plays, but it also helps if a defender trips or the ball bounces your way.

I had exactly the same sentiment while attending a friend's one-year anniversary party. Their house was full of people who'd made the last year memorable. As I looked around, I noticed that about half the people were not at their wedding. It was a testament to the friendships this pair had forged over the previous 365 days as they taught school, trained for triathlons, and experienced everything a new marriage has to offer.

Our lives are like this. We add people to our networks and inner circles as we grow older, change jobs, and live in different cities. This is how it's supposed to happen. Relationships are supposed to change.

If we're lucky, a handful of people who were there at the beginning will be there at the end. If we're good, we'll pick up a bunch of new friends along the way - the kind who are willing to come out on a Sunday night and eat year-old wedding cake with us.

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