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When the Magic Happens

There are no magic "tricks." These clever exhibitions amaze us because they seem to defy logic. But, do a basic Internet search and you'll see how all these tricks are just elaborate ruses that have perfectly good explanations. The same goes for the writer you admire, the conference speaker you look up to, and the entrepreneur who is very successful. There are no tricks. There are definitely no shortcuts. There is no slacking, quitting, giving in, or compromising. The people you think highly of didn't get to the mountaintop by learning some trick. They climbed one step at a time.

This, of course, is the real trick. To slave away at something every day so that eventually, you get good at it. And then great at it. And then the best in the world at it. And then you do it over and over again and people pay you and hear about you and admire you.

As it turns out, hard work is really a "trick" because it still amazes so many people that you'd actually put in the time, toil, and tears in order to turn your dream into reality. Yes, there is a perfectly good explanation. And as soon as you share it with people, they walk away dumbfounded as if you just pulled unending fluorescent handkerchiefs out of your sleeve.

"How does he do it?" they'll say to each other, marveling at what's right in front of their eyes. "Hard work? Lots of rejection? A determined resolve to achieve a goal he's set for himself?"


It is. Hard work is unbelievable.

Get after it and watch the magic happen in your own life.

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