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The Right Job for the Tool

The problem isn't merely that for those of us with hammers, everything looks like a nail. The problem is that there are really many kinds of hammers. And even more types of nails. Just because I have a hammer and you have a nail doesn't mean we're a perfect fit. There's still some discovery to do. A scalpel and an ax can both cut. But only one is good for removing a brain tumor. And the other can make quick work of a fallen tree.

Many times, we bring our ax to surgery. Instead, we should sit that one out. Unless we're really good with both instruments (we rarely are), then we shouldn't try to assume our particular cutting device is needed.

In other words, do the things you can do better than anyone else. Be sure about the situation before you jump in. Wait for the perfect opportunity for your gifts, talents, and ambitions instead of racing to show off what's in your toolbox. Yes, they said they had nails, but they didn't specify whether they meant tenpenny or finger....

Ask twice, cut once.

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