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Make Art Make Money

I want you to carve out 15 minutes this week and read this story about Jim Henson, his tension between art and money, and how he resolved it.

Whatever it is you're creating, the article's lessons will help and inspire you. I can't offer up better advice than what's already written there. 

Here's a taste:

We may not want to run a business like Henson’s, but we can take Henson’s approach to money as far as we want—starting a video game company or simply selling more sketches—becoming the most successful version of yourself. Whatever art you make, the first step to making money is an emotional one—to “make some peace,” as Hyde says, “with the market.” There is a time to eschew the market, and there is a time to join with it. There is no list of steps that can accomplish “making peace.” But know that Henson did accomplish it, and because he did, you felt inspired by art throughout your childhood and perhaps through your children’s as well. You know Jim Henson by name because he made peace with money.
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