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Memories Are Work

The most memorable moments are those we work for, not those that are handed to us.

We all recall the elation of graduating after putting in years' worth of work. Or the effort it takes to get to the altar to say our vows. Or the time spent planning for and then delivering a child. 

There are memories that are equally as indelible, but not quite so "official." I mean the time you decided to go work out with a friend at his gym and ended up doing 100 yards' worth of handstand wall walks. Your upper body hurt like hell for a week, but it was a unique experience that I'll tell people about and will always think of when I tell someone about my friend Adrian.

There was that sunrise we drove up the mountain in Casper for. Our eyelids were heavy but we stayed awake. And that time Eddie and I played tennis. Or when Lynnette and I froze our asses off to watch the sun come up over the Grand Canyon. Every time my mom and I move furniture. 

Memories mean we miss sleep. We may ache after. Plans get changed. But that's what it costs to make a memory. 

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