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Making it to the Big Leagues

Whether you enjoy baseball or not, here's an uplifting story. Pete Tucci has made it to the big leagues, not with his prowess at the plate, but with his love of lathes and lumber.

Read the full story and you'll find a story about an upstart, a David among Goliaths. A former player who never quite had all it took, Tucci now runs a company that supplies some of the best bats around. His company is growing through his skill and determination, the hard work of a team, and his intimate knowledge of an industry and its needs. Consider this piece a primer on entrepreneurship.

Consider it also a lesson in passion. 

Many times, when I speak about entrepreneurship, I speak of passion. And I share that passion can be a key ingredient in determining when, where, and how one starts a business. But it's not the only tool you'll need. 

Tucci is passionate about baseball. And thankfully, he realized that there was more than one way to make it to the Majors. He now walks on as many fields and visits as many clubhouses as anyone at that level, all as the founder of a lumber company. 

Please know that there are many pathways to your dream. In fact, the trail you'll blaze may not yet be paved. So be it. 

When you set out to follow your passion, know that it leads you more like a compass than a map. It will point your heart and feet in a general direction, but will be short on details and navigation. That'll be up to you as you try, fail, try some more, wait, work hard, try again, and then, arrive.

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