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Weekend Assignments - December 6, 2014

Happy December. Welcome to the new routine.

For those of you looking to dive deeper on some ideas, each Saturday I'll showcase three things worth reading. Enjoy.

Creativity isn't a solo pursuit
Guess what? Creativity rarely happens via the solo genius, toiling away alone. It usually happens in concert with at least one other person. Check out this article for more (I did, and now the author's new book is on my Christmas/birthday list).

A company that gets it
Patagonia keeps getting it right. I've admired them for quite a while for their commitment to the planet and to producing quality goods. And after reading this about how employees are treated? I may sell my companies just so I can go work there.

How to change the world
Here's a nice list of nine qualities that a lot of folks seem to have who are bent on changing the world in some way. If you have even a few of these, you're probably a pretty decent human. Good on you.

If you've got something worth reading, share below (or hit reply via email). I'd love to take a look. Enjoy the weekend. Only three more shopping weeks until you're broke.

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