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Making Meaning in the Margins

I read a lot from folks who want to make money in the margins - people who recommend you spend early mornings or late nights (or even holidays like today) grinding and sweating to pursue a passion. Perhaps you can use those extra hours to start work on your big idea, launch your company, or lay the foundation for your dream.

I think this is well and good, but doesn't apply to everyone. Where I do think anyone can focus in on making meaning in the margins.

Instead of chasing the almighty dollar when burning the candle at both ends, what if you chased something meaningful? What if you used early mornings to focus on your faith? How about using down time to handwrite thank you notes or drop someone a line to let you know you're thinking of them? Why not ask around and see who needs help? 

Your margin (non-work) time can be spent volunteering, doing favors, or hanging out. And there's absolutely no shame in that. 

A bank account is only one (very small) way to measure wealth.

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