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Oh the Humanity!

A lot of times (especially online), we put our best face forward. We want to showcase our absolute best and who can blame us? But when all we discuss are our successes and high points, it can give the impression that we're super human. 

And while I'd love some superpowers now and then, we're all just humans, trying our hardest to do things that are meaningful and fun. So why not share our human sides as often as possible? Why not make sure all of us can be dragged out of the clouds and keep both feet on the ground?

The next time you're meeting someone, building community, or catching up, be sure to share that which keeps us all united. Share a bit of your humanity. Congrats on the success and all, but if you want others to know who you really are, toss out a quirk or two, tell a story about a silly blunder, or let us in on something that reveals how you're completely normal. 

I'll go:

Parts of my daily routine include watering my hydrangeas and bathing with fancy, handmade soaps.

For real. Each morning, I take time to go out to my backyard and see to it that my seven hydrangea plants are well hydrated. I follow that up later by using handcrafted soaps to get clean. I don't much prefer the stuff you get in the aisle of a drug store.

Not only does that feel good to get off my chest, but each of these truths tells you something deeper about me, too.

For example, I water the hydrangeas and make sure they're in tip top shape because that's important to my wife and my wife is important to me. And my love affair with unique soaps comes from my work at Batch, which allows me to discover local makers from all over the U.S., including those who make fantastic products that make one smell enticing.

When we share our common humanity, we have a chance to really get deep. The fact that last quarter's sales were up 12% tell me very little about who you are. But letting me know how you eat your corn flakes or a story about when you learned to drive reveals more of you, and that's what I want to connect with.

Take time this weekend to share your humanity with someone. You can start by leaving a comment here if you like.

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