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Mean People Suck

I've always tried to figure out why some people are so mean out there. The Internet makes it very easy to be mean, and I seldom dialog with those out there who use the comforts of anonymity that the keyboard provides in order to attack others.

A lot of times, means words are empty, but sometimes, they hit harder and cause people to cancel their presentations.

And other times, they just wear on a person so much that they quit their job.

Brittney Gilbert, WKRN's blog producer, resigned today after a post yesterday that sparked a lot of discussion. Feel free to look at the posts in question and read all of the comments, if you have a few hours.

I've never heard anything bad about Brittney, and although I've only had limited interaction with here, I think she is absolutely a wonderful person.

The people calling her names on the other hand, are not.