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My Life Has Officially Changed

In just a few months, my daughter will show up. When she does, I’ll be utterly unprepared no matter how many books I read, classes I attend, or viewings of Mean Girls I take in.

Why? Because when a bundle of joy – or a bundle of gas, liability and promise – is in your arms, nothing prepares you for that moment. At best, you can hope to have a series of things you do to try to provide love, comfort and hope to your child. Some things will work, and I’ll fail more than I succeed.

But, this is my life now. I realized this again yesterday while grabbing a drink with my pal Rob. He and I try to get together every so often to talk marketing, social media, Nashville and anything else on our minds. Consider us colleagues.

Rob has a 14-week-old child at home. I’ll have one myself in 14 weeks(ish). So what did we talk about?

Baby stuff.

Car seats. Cribs. Home renovations. Sleep. Baby clothes. Hospital visits. Family planning. Paying for college. Health insurance. Toys. Graco. Bathtime. Jogging strollers. Grandparents. Child-proofing electrical outlets.

The girls ordering drinks at the bar? They were talking about going out this weekend, how they hate work and the new haircut a friend got. The two guys sitting at the table next to us? They discussed new clients, a recent business venture, and the Tennessee Titans.

Yep – my life has officially changed. But it’s not over. In fact, it’s just beginning.

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