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Nashville's Agenda - Meeting 1

Tonight's Nashville's Agenda meeting had low turnout, but it was just the first step in what should be a very long dialog about the future of Nashville.

The group I helped facilitate discussed issues related to economic development, downtown development, and transportation. We had a diverse group in this small breakout session, and there were some great ideas that surfaced:

  • Build a thoroughfare linking north Nashville to West End
  • Economically develop Jefferson Street to better serve nearby residents and universities
  • Promote Nashville's intellectual capital more
  • Better market and promote existing public transportation options
  • Offer a light rail system to all surrounding counties
  • Offer a light rail system between downtown and the airport
  • Support diversity in business within the city

There were lots of other terrific ideas as well. It truly is amazing when you get folks in a room to talk about how to improve the city they love. Other ideas that came up:

  • Place defibrillators in Section 8 housing
  • Develop a network of senior citizens concerned about their neighborhoods
  • Come up with a strategy for law enforcement to address 'gang villages
  • Build a park downtown
  • Develop a fund for affordable housing initiatives

Your idea could be the next big thing, so consider taking a hour or so out of your day to come to a future meeting. Locations and dates are here.

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