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On Stability

We like to think that certain jobs are stable, that a salary and insurance will provide a lifetime of earnings and work. 

And then we see headlines about big companies downsizing. 

We like to think that once we meet the right person, we'll have a stable relationship, immune to petty fights or wandering hearts. 

And then we hear about people married for decades splitting up. 

We like to think that governments, charities, and ideas are all stable and that those that have been around for ages will still be around. 

But, in today's world, we have to make our own stability. Leaning on something else isn't a stable place to be. 

Entrepreneurship is now the most stable career path. Falling in love with and getting to know yourself can create the most stable relationship you'll be a part of. And trusting in yourself to provide meaning and identity in your life is the best way to find happiness. 

This isn't to say you must live in isolation. It's just to say that the most stable path is one you forge with your own hands and follow with your own heart.