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When Rules Aren't Right

Most of the time, rules make sense (don't kill people, eat your vegetables, call your mother). But sometimes, they can get in the way of progress, in which case they need to go. 

This is true of legislation and accomplishment alike. While this isn't a post about equal rights, we would do well to remember that if rules are hurting our progress, then we need new rules.

Legend has it that Thomas Edison knew this well. Once, when a new lab assistant reported for work and asked about the rules of the lab, Edison shot back:

“Hell! there ain’t no rules around here! We are tryin’ to accomplish somep’n!”

While certainly some rules did exist in the lab, Edison seems to have known that often, rules need to be reconsidered or abandoned if it means creativity and innovation can flourish. 

If rules are standing in the way of progress, let's not just break them, let's shatter them (so as long as we're not hurting others, of course).

When I began Daily Dose, I kept posts to four paragraphs or less. After a year, I realized I sometimes needed more space to get an idea across. So, I've started breaking my own rule.

And it feels good. I'd rather be known as someone who follows dreams instead of someone who follows rules.