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Only the Best

It’s easy to market yourself when you’re the only game in town. People don’t have other options, so you really don’t need to market all that much.

But beware. Only doesn’t last forever. 

Therefore, it’s better to say you’re the best. Of course, to do that, you need to be the best. To offer the best products or the best service or the best ideas. 

Photo by BananaStock/BananaStock / Getty Images

Photo by BananaStock/BananaStock / Getty Images

Then, it won’t matter that you’re not only. Because when you’re best, people get to choose. There’s no choice when it comes to only. 

Remember: you’re not in control of whether or not you’re only. A competitor can crop up at any moment. Then you’re out of the only game and thrust into a competition for best. So why not go ahead and start working toward that?

Even if you’re the only, you can also be the best. 

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