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Our Wailing Wall

Last night at The Story, we made our own wailing wall. With fluorescent post-it notes in hand and some of the worst humanitarian crises in mind, we listened to U2 and cried out against oppression and injustice. Not a bad thing to do at 'church.'

Our wailing wall got pretty big, even with the small amount of people who were contributing. We were instructed by Lynnette to make a list of people and issues that were marginalized. Our wall grew as we stuck the notes to the wall with issues and victims like homelessness, children born into lower class families, Claudia Nunez, Palestine, Darfur, and education.

Then we each lit a candle for these unjust situations in the hopes that God's justice will break through the oppression and rescue those in need.

I believe the church can be one of the most positive forces for good in the world. In any policy issue, recognition is the first step. And, given the human and monetary capital that church universal has at its disposal, we could help a lot of people to recognize the things that need changing.

Here's to hope for peace this advent season.

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