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Reaching the next generation

Last week, I spent a quick 24 hours in West Virginia, speaking to over 100 domestic violence advocates about how each could reach the next generation with their respective message in order to end a growing problem in their state.

We talked about Generation Y and which messaging strategies appeal to them. We talked about social media, how it's changing the worlds of communication and marketing, and why a social media strategy helps nonprofits succeed in reaching people with these new tools.

And, of course, we watched a few videos.

Here is my morning slide presentation, where I discuss the changing media landscape and how to define your audiences in order to reach each one with a relevant conversation.

Here is my presentation from the afternoon, where I discussed a bit more about who Gen Y is and what kind of messages best appeal to them. I also detailed the core components of a good social media strategy.

I showed two videos. The first was a look at college students today, in their own words.

The second was a quick trip around the social media world and why these tools are changing the game.

And, if you click below, you'll access the free digital version of my newest book, about how nonprofits can use social media.

Stories That Need Telling: A Nonprofit's Guide to Social Media