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Rejected 100 Times

There's a myth going around that successful people wake up, think up an idea, tell someone, and by dinner time, they're having to move large stacks of money out of the way so they have a place to eat. 

Getting rich quick is one of the biggest myths in the world today. I've never met someone who went from rags to riches in a night, much less a fortnight.  

Most successful people I admire are those who tried and failed and tried again and failed a lot more and then finally the breakthrough came. The common link that generates success, then, is actually failure. 

The quicker you fail, the quicker you succeed.  

Would you be willing to get rejected 100 times before you land one deal? What if that was what it took for your idea to become reality? 

Being rejected 100 times may well be the formula for success you're after. If so, get busy failing.  

It's the only way to get busy succeeding.