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Someone to Catch Us

I don't know anything about cheerleading. And yes, the music in the above video is cheesy. But, the stunts this pair perform are certainly remarkable.

Yes - they both possess rare athletic prowess. But they also have a lot of trust in each other.

Something inside her says every time, "I'm going to run, jump, flip, tumble, and spin. I trust you to put your hands exactly where they're needed so I don't fall." And something inside him says, "I'm going to catch you, lift you, hold you up, and give you the support you need. I trust you to move your body so that you're exactly where you need to be each time."

Each move risks serious injury, but even though that risk is very real and ever-present, it doesn't stop either person from taking a flying leap.

We all need more trust in our lives.

No one (that I know of) tells entrepreneurs, "Do you have someone you can trust? Someone you can ask to catch you when you take a flying leap in order to make your dreams come true?"

Someone to trust - to hold us as we learn to fly - doesn't create co-dependence. It creates boldness. It gives us the audacity to try something new and the opportunity to dare to create something great. No matter how they support us - giving us money, letting us sleep on a couch, listening to our problems - we need someone who we can trust, someone who will be there for us.

Deep down, we all want this. The thing that makes us most human - knowledge of our own vulnerability - wants to know that there is someone else who supports us, who will be there when it's time for us to fly. Because we know than only then can we really soar, really stand out and be who we want to be.

All of us are able to be who we are only because of who someone is.

Thanks to Brittney for finding and sharing the video via Google Reader.