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Speaking Event: Future Break

Added on by Sam Davidson.

On May 12, I'll be speaking as part of the Future Break series, sponsored by Southern Word. This set of performances is taking place this May and June around Nashville asking various performers and artists to imagine the future of Nashville 10 to 10,000 years from now.

I'll be reading an essay I'm writing about this idea on May 12 at 2 PM at the Frist Center. More details:

Hear, see, and feel the possibilities of Nashville's future with spoken word, essays, actors, singers and musicians like Jody Nardone, John Egerton, Barry Scott, Nashville in Harmony, Trish Crist, Jerry Navarro, Raziya, Sam Davidson, Rashad thapoet, Raemona Little Taylor and more!

It's a free event and should be fun. It's definitely more artsy and performance-y than most talks I give, but I'm honored to be a part. If you're in town on May 12, come on by!