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Speaking Event: Toastmasters International Convention

I'm very excited to announce that I'll be speaking at the Toastmasters International Convention this August in Orlando. This is a gathering of thousands of speakers who are seeking to get better at their craft. My session is:

From Public Speaker to Professional Speaker: What’s Your Story?

Become a professional speaker by developing a personal story — one with an authentic and useful message for audiences. Sam, a professional speaker and entrepreneur, helps you understand the core elements of a good personal story and discover ways to turn that story into marketable speeches. He explains how to:

  • Find your voice and tell a story that is authentic, timely and relevant
  • Define your niche market and advertise yourself within it
  • Create speaking opportunities for yourself

If you've ever wanted to hone your speaking skills, your local Toastmasters organization is a great way to do that. This convention in August is also a great way to soak in lots of information that will improve your skills on stage. See you in Orlando!