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Spring High School Speaking Roundup

In the next few months, I'll be speaking a handful of times to high school students, both at their school and at some events.  I began my speaking career long ago by speaking to high school students, so I always enjoy the opportunity to be in the middle of the energy and excitement that teenagers can bring into the room. It also gives me a chance to stay flexible, use a different style of speaking, and try out fresh content.

Here's where I'll be soon:

March 13 - Independence High School, Franklin, TN

I'll be keynoting a spring assembly for the senior class, speaking with close to 500 students about ways they can become involved in their communities over the summer and as they head off to college. I'll also discuss ways they can use their college experience to find out what excites them when it comes to community service.

May 9 - Franklin Road Academy, Nashville, TN

In May, I'm keynoting a convocation for the entire middle and high school, talking about ways students can volunteer in order to find out about their core passions. I'll also discuss how leaders tell stories and how they can begin sharing among their peers the stories of service in order to work more deeply with a particular cause.

May 18 - Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Seminar, Nashville, TN

I've spoken at this event before, which is a statewide gathering of high school sophomores who have been selected to spend a long weekend learning about leadership. We'll talk about leadership through service and why building a team of people to tackle a problem is very doable for any high school student.

As a reminder, you can view my speaking page to see where I'm speaking soon.