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Springamajig 2008


Springamajig 2008
CoolPeopleCare.org Announces 40 Days of Events to Get People Out of Their Homes and Into Their Local Communities to Make a Difference

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (March 12, 2008) - CoolPeopleCare.org's first annual Springamajig will highlight 40 days of events in Nashville and around the Southeast that show people how to get more involved in their local community. Springamajig begins on Saturday, March 22 and runs until April 30.

"Spring is the perfect time to get out of our house and enjoy the nice weather. And, if you can make a difference while you're at it, everyone's better for it," says Sam Davidson, President and co-founder of CoolPeopleCare, Inc. "These 40 days of events are designed to breathe new life and ideas into all of us who want to make a difference."

Events range from local festivals and hikes, to movie premiers and lectures. Featured events encourage people to come together for a worthy cause, to meet new people and to learn about how to positively impact the environment. Events are still being considered for inclusion.

CoolPeopleCare is also partnering with local organizations like Team Green to raise awareness of environmental issues.

"Partnering with CoolPeopleCare allows us to show all of Nashville just how easy it is to make a difference and help improve the planet," says Laurel Creech, Team Green's director. CoolPeopleCare and Team Green will host an event together on April 29.

Key Springamajig events include an informational session at Moore & Moore Garden Center, Nashville's Earth Day and a signing of Davidson's first book, "New Day Revolution: How to Save the World in 24 Hours" at Davis-Kidd.

Published by Brentwood-based Xyzzy Press, Davidson and CoolPeopleCare, Inc. co-founder Stephen Moseley released the book in November 2007.

Springamajig will conclude on April 30, which is being designated as CoolPeople CarPool Day. On that day, people are encouraged to commit to carpooling to work, lunch, or anywhere else they may go. “Riding with a friend is one small step we can all take to make this world a better place,” says Davidson.

Visit Springamajig.org to learn more and to find an event near you.

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