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Stepping It Up Profile #5: holly rankin zaher


Each Friday, I will profile a different religious female blogger. I would like you, my readers, to check out her site, add it to your links, favorites and bookmarks, and tell one person to do the same thing. If we are to tear down the discriminatory walls that have been built over the millennia, it will take a lot of us wielding a lot of hammers.

Ever since I started this Friday discipline over a month ago, I feel like a much more well balanced person. Getting a balance of perspectives in regards to gender in what you're reading really does broaden your world.


To that end, Holly Rankin Zaher is a voice in the emergent conversation who desires to see that the church is relevant to the world it's in. She blogs about life and church, and she believes the two meet more often than we think.

I think she's dead on when she writes:

in terms of money, in an emerging context, i'd like to invite folks in an emerging context to live generously with their stuff, time and money (yes, time, talent, and treasure). living in the way of jesus, the way that jesus invites us to live, includes with it the invitation to be generous.

She understands the dynamic that exists in today's world and the way in which the church must respond and proactively be.


Read her blog and get a new perspective on what the kingdom might look like here on earth.

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