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Stories Grow Us

Over the last year, I've been working on a new keynote speech. It involves leadership and storytelling, focusing on how any leader - regardless of position or experience - can use stories as a tool to help shape and guide a team, better (more deeply) measure success, and share values through transitional times. 

So I love finding wisdom about stories like this, how storytelling may have grown us as a species. From the piece:

Daytime conversations usually revolved around economics and work, including complaints and criticism. However, at night, that changed. Around the fire, Bushmen told stories, talked about people not present at the time, and discussed the nature of the spirit world. There was also singing and dancing.

Stories make us all better. They make us deeper. They grow us individually and collectively. So why wouldn't we want our leaders to be equipped with the power and possibility of story?

Go and tell a story today. To your colleague, to your team, to your students, to your family. See where it takes you all together. 

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