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Thank you. All of you. Every last one of you.

Four years ago (nearly to the day) I asked my friend Stephen if I could talk to him about a shirt idea I had. I wanted three words in white ink on a black shirt. Something like this:

We started talking about a shirt but ended up talking about a movement. And then we decided the movement would start with a Web site. And then a company.

Over four years, we've made a lot of shirts, helped a lot of nonprofits, and done (we hope) a lot of good.

Those four years prepared us for May 6, 2010, when Anderson Cooper held up a T shirt we made (based on the spirit of this blog post) and asked his viewers to buy it to help rebuild the place we call home.

So thank you. Thank you not just for buying our shirt and finding a little company that wants to help people care. Thank you for rebuilding an entire community.