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That Street is Delicious!

As I've been traveling a good bit of late, I always try to find something local and delicious when I visit another town. In fact, it's nearly mandatory and always makes the moments of loneliness in an unfamiliar city a bit more palatable.

And so, whether it's the tapas place in Asheville, the bar and grill in Indianapolis, the hamburger place in Memphis or the barbecue joint in Chattanooga, I've enjoyed them all recently. And I look forward to see what's next when Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Oxford (Ohio) and Tifton, GA come calling in April.

Imagine my delight then, to find this article by Good Magazine on the tastiest streets in America. And then imagine by further delight when I saw a street from my very own Nashville listed!

That's right - Nolensville Road made the list as one of America's tastiest streets.

And I concur. Nolensville Road is full of eclectic and international treats that please the taste buds time and again. I've been to Istanbul and few times myself and agree with the review. Nolensville Road is one of those great gems of a place where you're eating local and global at the same time.