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the conversation deepens

Last night, 20 folks gathered at Kyle and Susan's house to continue talking about a dream we all share.

This isn't a 'wake up in the middle of the night sweating' kind of dream. This is a dream that a lot of people in Nashville have been having for a long time. It's a dream that is as deep as our souls. It's a dream about hope, reality, authenticity, truth, and love.

And so we gathered to begin talking about this shared dream. The first step was to talk about our nightmares. People from ages 2 to 62 shared what didn't work for them in other churches. Some were running from landmarkism and oppression. Some were asked to leave due to their views on a number of subjects. Some want a place where their kids can be kids and where they can be themselves. Some want a place where they are truly challenged to get off their butts and make a difference. And all of us want change.

Next Sunday (October 8th), we'll be meeting at Steve and Elizabeth's place to keep talking. We've shared where we've been. Now we'll talk about where we want to go.

Anyone is welcome to come and be a part of this conversation. You've got your own unique voice and it needs to be heard. And this is a dialogue where your opinion matters and where your voice is valued. Come be a part and tell your story.

Community meal (potluck) at 5. Discussion at 6. We'll see what happens after that.