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The Courage to Start

This weekend, while on a panel for the Generation Tennessee annual conference, I talked about what it's like to start something. I shared with the group that starting and growing something is a great feeling, and sometimes the greatest need is the courage within yourself to take a leap. I feel like I've taken a leap with CoolPeopleCare, and some days it seems like I'm flying while on others, it feels like I'm fallen.

But, I jumped.

I admire others who are willing to jump, to take that first daring step into the darkness, propelled by something deep within that only they can define. And, so, I salute others around me who have the courage to start:

Today, my sister Maribeth took her first steps on her southbound journey on the Appalachian Trail. It will be a long journey to Georgia, and she may stop before she goes all 2, 160 miles. But, she was willing to start.

My mom Luanne and wife Lynnette will also make a trek of their own. In August, the two of them will walk 60 miles in 3 days to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. You can support them financially here.

Creation is a courageous act. When you seek to create, you take a step. And that first step requires just about everything you've got.

Step on.