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The Only Rules Worth Following are the Ones You Create

Tyler Stanton found this gem of a wedding video and shared it on his blog. His commentary was to skip the wedding pictures and make a music video instead.

What happened, of course, is that the happy couple created something that friends and family will want to watch over and over again and something that they'll watch a thousand times. It's better than "traditional" pictures that sit in a gold-lined album that's only opened once a decade.

No one cares about your boring wedding pictures. So why did you take them?

No one cares that you stay in a job for at least a year before looking for another one. So why are you stuck?

No one cares that you're over/underdresed. So why did you spend an hour worrying about it?

No one cares about the details of your business plan. So why are you spending so much time writing it instead of trying to actually get to work?

Conventions of modern society are quickly becoming an impediment to creativity. Doing things how you think everyone else wants them done leaves you unable to create something the way you want it. Don't follow the rules unless you'll be screwed if you don't (like selling drugs or stealing cars). Otherwise, understand that most rules were made by people who wanted convenience at your expense.

You can always find an ordinary job. You can always rent a tux and gown and go take pictures in a sanctuary. Throw away their rules and start making your own. You'll be happier and have something to show for it.

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