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The Rebirth of COOL

110 days ago (or 2640 hours or 158400 minutes), an idea was born. And now, it's here. I give you CoolPeopleCare, your web resource for changing the world.

We know you want to change the world. You really do. But sometimes, things get in the way. You've got your career, your family, your friends, your future, and lots of other things to worry about. But we believe these aren't hindrances to giving back - they're assets. CoolPeopleCare shows you how to leverage your world to change worlds. Give us five minutes and you'll see positive change in yourself, your community, and communities half a world away. Because there's no such thing as not enough time.

So, as a favor to me, spend 5 minutes (or less) checking this thing out. You may be inspired to act, to tell a friend, and to change the world. All from where you're sitting.