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The Struggle is Real

This article is one of the more haunting I’ve read. It’s lovely and challenging at the same time. And it puts a lot about life and business in perspective. 

The central question each of us (whether we’re entrepreneurs or leaders or none or all of the above) should ask ourselves is what it is we are willing to struggle for. To work through. To strive for.  To risk. 

We all (usually) know what it is we want to enjoy due to the fruits of our labor. But do you know what it is you’re willing to work hard for? To plant and till and bend and ache for?

Struggle comes to all of us, but unfortunately, it never comes with a timeline. The struggle is real, they say. Thus you’re better off knowing that which you’ll struggle for so you can embrace it when it shows up. 

Photo by Thomas Northcut/Digital Vision / Getty Images

Photo by Thomas Northcut/Digital Vision / Getty Images

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