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The World Needs You to Live Your Passion

A few weeks ago, I heard a keynote speech by Rodger Dinwiddie, CEO of STARS. He said:

We don't need to just teach self esteem in schools; we also need to teach empathy. Prisons are full of people with high self esteem but low empathy.

When I heard this, I thought the same thing about passion.

It's not enough to merely have a passion; we need to live it as well.

The world is full of people with a passion, but so few people live it out. Remember: this doesn't mean that you turn your passion into a career. It simply means you chase it down, whether its on the weekend or for a week each summer.

When you begin to live out your passion, you live more passionately. And this is what the world needs.

I need you to live out your passion, to be your best self, and to fulfill your destiny. When you do, I become better, too.

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