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These Are Good Words

My wife is very smart. And she writes well. And she's got a good post on her blog that you need to read. If you're too lazy to click over, I've repeated it in its entirety:

while conversing recently with a good friend of mine, we talked about the emerging church conversation. he has a calling and a passion...and a couple of really good ideas in the works. so i smiled and said, "when you're 'big and famous,' please for the love of God take some women to the top with you." at which point i feel like the conversation derailed. because it sounded to me like his response was, "i have been a big supporter of women in ministry and in emergent for a long time [which he absolutely has - props to him for that], brian and doug and tony and the vast majority of the emergent influencers have been a big supporter of women in ministry and in emergent for a long time [which i believe they have], and we will continue to lend support [which i believe they will], but it's time for some women to step up."

here i refer you, kind readers, to rachelle mee chapman's field report: a woman in ministry. allow me to quote some choice tidbits:

  • "Even though we are theologically on board with all people being involved in leadership and ministry, our praxis has not significantly changed."
  • "women-unlike men-are not allowed to be angry, or even frustrated, or really even forceful, assertive, or honest."

here is one of my favorite posts ever on the subject, again from rachelle mee-chapman. it is one of my favorites because it offers some practical steps forward. allow me to quote another choice tidbit:

  • "There’s only so long we can swim upstream with that before our arms give out. And if we talk in a similar manner then we have “an agenda” and are being bitchy. (Seriously. It happens.)"

and finally, an article from a few years back by jen lemen.

time for women to step up? i'm not trying to sound cranky here, but who is not stepping up? all over the place, emerging-ish women are doing some pretty amazing stuff. let me offer as evidence item #1 - effloresce, a wonderful and beautiful collection of writings from women who are a part of the emerging church conversation. download. read. enjoy. i will also offer as evidence item #2 - list (certainly not exhaustive) of emerging women bloggers:

i could--and probably should--say more, but i'm tired. these conversations are exhausting...for all of us. i know that. believe me, i do. but i also know that we need to keep having them. we need to continue to lend support - and with more than just words. let's not leave each other hanging...

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