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Three Days in Isthmus Town

The magazine said "Lake. City. Lake." I didn't think it was a very catchy slogan by any means, but who cared? I was in Madison, one of the coolest and best cities in the US, at least if numerous lists and surveys are to be trusted.

I took my inaugural trip to Wisconsin in order to speak with a group of passionate people that Madison MAGNET had brought together. More and more people had been thinking about turning their passion into their profession, and I was hoping I could be seen as one resource for young people on such a journey.

My gracious host for my time in Madison was Rebecca Thorman, who keeps a great blog at Modite, and who runs MAGNET. She showed me around town, took me to meet with the great people at United Way, and made sure everything was set for my visit.

I stayed on the campus of the University of Wisconsin, which had been blanketed by more snow than I'd ever seen in my life. It's an old and creative institution, but I didn't get to see too much of it. I was too busy talking with people about big ideas.

There was the dinner with Rebecca, Jonathan, Dale, Frank, Cynthia, Will and Kevin. Then their was coffee with Adam, Edmund, Dan and Josh.

And then sushi and drinks with Ryan Healy and Ryan Paugh of Employee Evolution. And then coffee the next day with Penelope Trunk.

I also got a chance to peak my head into the headquarters to InterVarsity to meet some of the fine folks who are trying to get students to change the world.

And there was the great talk with Allen Dines, about how his office is encouraging entrepreneurship all over the state.

And the lunch with Henry, who had a dream and made that dream come true by getting Madison MAGNET off the ground.

Sure, I visited the coffee shops and restaurants and bars and a museum and the capitol and some little shops, but for me, I realized that the memories come not from the places we visit or events we attend, but from the experiences we're a part of.

Do something today that gives you an experience – a chance to do something unique in order to become somebody meaningful. Chances are, conversations will shape these experiences.

Because changing the world still happens best when we meet each other face-to-face. It always has.

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