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Time to Go, or Time to Garden

"What's your big dream for yourself?" he asked, almost as an afterthought while waiting on drinks.

"To travel the world," she replied instantly. "To see everything there is to see and make some memories along the way."

"Anything else?" he continued.

"Yeah. To learn to grow really great tomatoes and cucumbers in my own garden."

"That'll be tough to do on the road," he offered back. "To garden, you'll need to stay put. The work of harvest takes time, dirty hands, patience for rain, and diligence to keep pests away. It can't be done on the run, while gone, or just by checking in remotely. To plant a garden means to invest in staying for a while."

Their drinks arrived. She looked across the room, lost in a dilemma. 

Was she ready to go or was she ready to garden?

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