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Time to Write Again (Doing the Thing You Must Do)

The finish line of success is a fine one, marking the difference between the dreaming and the doing.

Since I stopped writing daily, something has been a bit askew for me. Sure, running Batch and participating fully in other personal and professional matters has taken a lot of time and effort. Yet slowly nagging me has been the truth that I need this outlet of daily putting words on paper (a screen, really), regardless of who is reading. 

All of us have that thing we must do. In one of my talks, I share a serious of questions that can help one discover a passion or a talent. One of those questions to ask yourself is "What must I do everyday?" As it turns out, I need to write.

At work, there are things you have to do because they are part of a job description and your contract - whether formal or not - is that you'll do those things in exchange for a paycheck. Those are things you have to do.

In relationships - parental, social, reciprocal - there are things you have to do. You probably want to do these things, too, so that's a nice bonus. 

But for you - what is that thing you have to do to be happy? To spend time planning, doing, thinking on, reflecting on, poring over, accomplishing, or dreaming of? 

What must you do?

This obligation to yourself is perhaps the duty most integral to your sanity, your fulfillment, and your future success. Don't wait to cross that finish line because you were doing the thing that didn't help you make it to the end. Don't stay on the starting blocks of dreams because you don't feel like you can make time for the doing. 

Do that thing. Do it now.

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