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Toss the Coffee Maker

Today, I purchased the bottomless coffee mug from Bruegger's. I'm on cup #1.

For $99, you get a shiny blue travel mug with the Bruegger's logo on the side. And, you get to fill it up as much as you want until the end of next year. Coffee, tea, and soft drinks are all fair game.

So, as someone who walks by Bruegger's 2-4 times every weekday, I should make my money back by the end of this year. I don't think I'll bankrupt them, but I do think the money I spend on Panera food will now be reallocated. It's a suave move for Bruegger's. I just need to carry my own Sweet'N Low (they only have the yellow and the white).

Stop by and get your bottomless mug today and kiss Starbucks and your coffee pot goodbye. Say hello when you stop by; I'll be at that booth in the corner.

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