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Understanding Young People Today

The following two stories will give you a glimpse into what 20-somethings are like today. Of course, each story is not indicative of every 20-something you know, but if anything, each highlights how things have changed since you (or I) was a 20-something (long ago).

The first story comes courtesy of The New York Times and looks at "courtship" today. I put that word in quotes because if you read the article, you'll see that text messages, group dates, and last-minute hook ups and hang outs may not quite be the same ingredients you're used to in the dating world.

And the second piece worthy of your examination is from NPR, which you can either read or listen to. They recently examined why so many young people are leaving the church and other religious institutions. The entire series is great, laced with interviews and firsthand accounts from young people when it comes to faith and spirituality.

To me, what stands out from each isn't the fact that dating and religion are changing. Indeed each ritual has always been evolving. What I'm interested in is how each is changing. They are changing quickly. Each explores new territory. Our online toys and tools are serving as both catalyst and compass for the changes.

As somewhat of an outside observer due to age and marital/faith status, I merely present these two resources to you in the hopes you'll get a glimpse not into what it's like to date or pray in 2013, but rather what it's like to discover yourself in 2013. The process of self-discovery is multifaceted and sometimes ignored. But learning who one is may be the chief aim of each of us. And how it's done now is very different than how it was done then.

Godspeed to all of us.