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Use Your Art in Service of the Good

What are you doing with your art? I don't mean your paintings or sculptures or your songs (unless of course you do those things). Your art is that thing (or things) you do well, perhaps better than anyone else. It's the discipline, the talent, the gift you have that allows you to excel at something, whether it's accounting, storytelling, parenting, or teaching.

If you're merely scheming ways to use your art to make money, I'd like to challenge you to do better. Use your art for something deeper.

Honor someone with it. Pay homage to the person or people who inspired you, people who used his or her art to make you better.

Here's how Coldplay recently used their art to honor the person who they respect and admire:

It's okay to make money with your art (by all means!). But go beyond that and use it to tell the truth, honor someone, or make a difference in the world.

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