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How to do a 1080 on a Skateboard

It looks like the first person to ever land a 1080 on a skateboard is 12-year-old Tom Schaar. Here's the video:

As you'll notice, most of the video is of him falling. That's what success looks like - lots of falling down and getting back up.

Two things also made the impossible possible (as noted in the video description here):

  1. The right tools - Tom needed a ramp that was long enough to get the speed he needed without being so tall as to lose the momentum created. Most ramps aren't built for 1080s. He needed the perfect platform to do something great.
  2. The right team - To get the ramp (and some added confidence that someone believed in him, I'm sure), he needed someone else to believe in his dream and help. Red Bull came through and helped him get the tools.

If you want to succeed at something, then, you'll need to fail a lot. You'll also need the right tools and the right team. As long as you're doing one of those three (failing or assembling your tools or your team), then you're on your way.

Keep moving.